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Debra Campbell
Debra Campbell has been practicing massage and healing arts for more than 25 years.

Trained at Chicago School of Massage Therapy, Debra continues to study and learn different healing practices to incorporate into her client work.


She came to realize early on in her practice that rather than depend on one healing technique or modality; she needed a wide variety of techniques to communicate with the body on its many levels since each body responds in its own unique fashion.

The techniques she might reference when practicing include Myofascial, Body Mobilization, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Pranic Healing, Jen Shin Do, Acupressure, Energy Techniques, Thai Massage, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, and Infant Massage, Environmental Stress Management, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Visual Imaging, Compassionate Guidance, Visceral Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Muscle Energy Technique. She also works to incorporate nutrition, posture, exercise, and general health information into her sessions with her clients. 


Debra's practice consists of challenging her clients to a new expression of health. Clients may present with sports injuries or unexplained pain. They might need help recovering from injuries, surgeries, emotional stress, trauma, or disease.  She works with varied athletes of all ages in preventative, maintenance, and healing capacities. Additionally, she serves a small subset of Parkinson's clients, women dealing with breast cancer, and people as they near the end of life. She is honored to Support a person towards the end of their journey; being a witness to their life and holding this sacred space with them as they graduate.

As a writer, speaker, and workshop leader, she can address a variety of health-related subjects as well as healing aspects and empowerment.

More About Debra

Debra was born in Caracas, Venezuela; and lived in Nicaragua & Costa Rica, and Belize. Spanish was her first language. She attended Rosemary Hall in Connecticut and Tulane University in New Orleans. After living in Central America and Belize she moved to Miami. Her previous careers included teaching and Not-for-Profit Development. 


Out of her office, she relishes her time with her children, her grandchildren, grand-dogs, and extended family and friends.  She can be spotted at the turn on various Chicagoland golf courses or leading architectural tours or the River Cruise as a Chicago Architecture Center Docent. Her hobbies include mosaics, flower arrangement, and balloon sculpture.


"Each body responds in its own unique fashion."


Debra Campbell

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