A bodywork therapy using a gentle touch or no touch to manipulate the joints in the skull. 


A soft tissue therapy used for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and chronic pain. 


A no-touch energetic therapy prana to balance, harmonize

and transform the body's energy processes.


A healing therapy using the fingers to gradually press key healing points throughout the body to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.

Center for Enhanced Health, LLC offers Massage and Healing Arts to promote healing and enhance general well being. These options complement and can enhance traditional medical solutions for injuries, pain and overall health.


The body’s primary role is to provide and maintain balance or homeostasis. It is constantly receiving information and challenges that alter this balance or take it away from what we refer to as center or “home”. The belief in alternative therapies is the concept that given the right information, the body is capable of healing itself. Sometimes our lifestyles may challenge the body and in response, the body sets up compensatory solutions that over time do not serve us well. Things "pile up" and eventually the body is in pain. Homeopathic tradition sees this as a form of chaos; and suggests that if we are able to remove a couple of the “last straws”, the body can heal itself and return to the balance of ‘home”. In chaos theory, this phenomenon, dependence on initial conditions, implies that just a small change in conditions can drastically change the long-term behavior of a system. Just as a small challenge can create negative changes, small positive changes and influences can positively alter the system. Hence, our holistic approach, of making changes, in diet, thought processes, exercise, and lifestyle changes.






Let's look at this view of the body as a total, in terms of an injury. A client presents with a pain in their shoulder. Though the expression of disease (= dis-ease) is at the shoulder; the communication could be coming from many different sources. Sure, the 4 competitive tennis matches last weekend after the minor fall on the shoulder 3 weeks ago, along with dealing with the person, place or thing in your life that is stressing you out because you are not able to control it… all are contributing factors. Since 70% of healing is honoring the truth, if we are able to acknowledge all contributing factors, and support the body in healing the expression of all this stress; the body can heal. As healers, we may invite the change, ultimately the body does the work.


This is a different concept to just focusing on one symptom or body part. A message that for some reason this body part (being a part or piece of the whole) needs some attention to get back in the swing with the rest of the body. By working on major meridians and distressing the supporting muscles, reducing inflammation, breaking up scar tissue, nourishing the body, perhaps adding supplements, the body can then take care of the sore shoulder.


All expressions of pain match patterns in homeopathic medicine and acupuncture tradition; that is the pain follows patterns that are recognized in the older medical worlds. So by working on meridians, the trigger points, by focusing on the underlying energy of the injury or pain, then we invite the body to heal itself.


The most familiar medicine as practiced in the United States is allopathic, meaning that it is used to suppress symptoms of an ailment or disease. It is further complicated by being a system controlled by insurance and drug companies. Its roots are in a mechanistic medical system that sees one cause, one cure; with one cure for all, same dose, etc.


To follow a more natural, holistic picture of health along with seeing symptoms of illness or disease as a cycle in the body means accepting sneezing and coughing to extract the mucous are the body’s way of getting you better. An annual cold is like the oil change in your car, all of that is supposed to come out. It’s a flushing.


So we look at the whole, we focus on giving the body the information it needs to heal itself the way it heals, top to bottom, deeper to more superficial, and most recent to older injuries.


Debra Campbell and Center for Enhanced Health, LLC practitioners do not provide health care or medical advice.

Our goal is to:


• Provide alternative and complimentary options

• Encourage lifestyle changes that contribute to health

• Reduce inflammation and pain

• Compliment other healing modalities and

• Empower individuals in their quest for health

"The belief in alternative therapies is the concept that given the right information, the body is capable of healing itself."

"By working on meridians, the trigger points, by focusing on the underlying energy of the injury or pain, then we invite the body to heal itself."



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Our Holistic Approach to Your Health

Debra Campbell has been a practicing massage healer for more than 20 years.

Trained at Chicago School of Massage Therapy in Chicago, Debra continues to study and learn different healing practices to incorporate into her client work.


She came to realize early on in her practice that rather than depend on just one technique to heal; she needed a wide variety of techniques to communicate with the body on many levels, especially since each body responds in its own unique pattern.

Some of the techniques she uses include: Myofascial, Body Mobilization, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Pranic Healing, Jen Shin Do, Acupressure, Thai Massage, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy and Infant Massage, Environmental Stress Management, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Visual Imaging, Compassionate Guidance, Visceral Massage, Trigger Point Therapy,  and Muscle Energy Technique with her primary modality being deep Myofascial work. She also works to incorporate nutrition, posture, mentalitym exercise, and general health information into her sessions with her clients.


Debra's practice consists of challenging her clients to a new expressions of health. Empowering clients dealing with sports injuries, pain and recovery or illnesses fills her day. She works with varied athletes of all ages in preventative, maintenance, and healing capacities. She also serves a small subset of Parkinson clients, women dealing with breast cancer and people as they near end of life. 


Supporting women in their cancer journey (pre and post surgeries) is a passion for Debra since she lost her mother to breast cancer. She also has a passion for supporting a person at the end of their journey; being a witness to their life and holding the space for them as they graduate.

As a speaker and workshop leader she can covers a myrade of subjects surrounding health, healing and empowerment.

More About Debra

Born in Caracas, Venezuela; she grew up in Nicaragua & Costa Rica, Spanish being her first language. Throughout her life she lived in Central America and Belize before moving to the United States. Her previous passionate careers have included teaching, managerial positions, and Not-for Profit Development work before moving to Chicago and beginning her career in healing. 


Out of her office, she relishes her time with her children, her grandchildren, grand-dog, and extended family and friends.  Often she can be spotted at the turn on various Chicagoland golf courses or leading architectural tours around The Loop, or enjoying any of Chicago's sites and adventures.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 






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